Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Amazing Bollywood Youtube Videos and the Amazing Comments People Post About Them

From the film Jaanbaaz, Sri Devi performs the song "Har Kisi Ko Nahin Milta" ...I have recently been doing some deep youtube research on the subject of the Illuminati and its use of popular figures in the entertainment industry to corrupt the people of the world and steer their souls towards satan, or whatever...But I had not been exposed to any international examples of Illuminati subliminal manipulation...Until now:

2 weeks ago
The Vatican Snake in RED... The WOMAN in
red... DEVIL.... This how India was "OCCULTED" by Illuminati Zionist from
Zionist Devils...  You got what you asked for guys.. enjoy.. War, cigars,
Drugs, Adultery, Alcohol, Music- worse than drugs and Psychotoc Diseases... end
is already here... The few who follow The Right Path still HOLDING guard...

2 weeks ago
SRIDEVI ... is definitely an ILLUMINATI
plant.... looks NOT Indian but a SUBLIMINAL "indian" name "sridevi".... how
could we get this DUPED? The Woman is Totally.. ILLUMINATI clone.... Totally
"European Nazi Zionist Clone"... DUPED.. on Big Screen..!!!!!!!!!!!

A truly chilling insight, Mr. Sehram. It is the brave souls such as yourselves who open our eyes to the evil practices of those who would wish to plant demonic imagery in our minds. What's even more commendable is that you have completely eliminated the possibility of missing the message, by deliberately emphasizing with quotations several phrases such as the harrowing: "European Nazi Zionist Clone." Totally.

Although I have a feeling this 1996 film called Dushmun Duniya Ka is not nearly as sweet as this clip from it (and really couldn't make much sense if this is a real clip from the movie), the track is nothing less than tight in all of its chill-dub-psych-funk stoniness. The comments however, have sparked a vague interest in the film's plot, which from what I can gather is a dude's struggle to quit smoking weed.

1 year ago 4
this song was played atleast 100
times in a day by us in 1996 ...we were all lost in the world of nasha and is
was duva duva all the time but now when I watch it i realise the reality how
bad is drugs its ok just to taste it for fun but friends pls dont continue pls
quit drugs...overall an awsome song understand the meaning and quit drugs right
now and everything will be fine its possible to quit yes its possible

6 months ago
smoky time song...cant

This clear contrast of sentiment speaks to the tendency of internet commenters to argue and bicker behind user names and avatars with the rage of a blasphemed deity. One friend pointed out to me the severity of this rage when he likened a furious anti-haters rant by recording artist Dam Funk at a recent concert to a "youtube comment reply." The examples are plentiful; I urge you my friends to simply bring up some of your favorite youtube videos and scroll down through a few comments, or just surf some random videos and see how much more entertaining they become.

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