Tuesday, June 16, 2009

what it is

Jang House was awesome! Not a bad turnout for a monday. Huge thanks to everyone who came and to the Barbary and DJ Si Young for hooking it up. Javelin and Teengirl Fantasy both totally killed it. 

Take a look at this trailer for a short film called Manatees I am working on:

It's about two kids who are trying to run away to Florida but they run out of money and their car breaks down. It was written and directed by my friend Minka Farthing-Kohl for his Temple University senior thesis film. I recorded and mixed the sound. He and I are editing it together and we just finished picture lock today. I will be finishing up the sound design over the next week or two while Minka does color correction. Lookout for a screening party at Minka's house in a month or so. We are hopefully going to have our friends (Dan, Bennett, and Parker of Neighborhood Choir; Russell Higbee of Man Man/Ideath; and our buddy Ted) who did the music perform the score live. I believe we are also going to show this film by our friend Noah Grant Levine called Counting Teeth, which I am also doing sound design for. It is a period film in Russian about two potato farmers cursing each other.

I've gotten a few submissions for volume 5 which I am pretty excited about. Shooting for a July 24th release date. Details on the release party will be up soon. If you plan on sending any poems that need to have any specific aesthetic quality you may want to save it as a PDF so it is formatted exactly how you want it to look. Would also love to get some more artwork. That's it for now!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Volume 5: Poetry Issue

I am more or less ready to start working on volume 5, which will be a poetry issue. Anyone is welcome to submit some poetry:


Please do not send more than 3 poems and nothing over three pages. Keep in mind that there is a chance I may not use what you send me, don't take it personal. I am also accepting artwork submissions. The cover for this issue will be designed and printed by Chris Kline, a member of the space 1026 collective who has been featured on fecalface.com and in Juxtapoz magazine. I am looking to release this book at the end of next month. 

Volume 6 will be short stories again, and I am accepting submissions for that as well. I've kind of found that the best look is to tackle these zines two at a time. That issue should probably be out in August or September. 

Looking forward to reading your poems.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Northern Libs Music Fest & Flea

Setting up a table this weekend at the northern liberties music festival and flea market. Flea starts at 9, music starts at 3. Come touch and smell the latest issue as well as vols. 1-3. Sposed to be nice out!

Parsnip Revolt
Social Hall
Twisted Kites - R.E.M. covers
Bloody Catholics
Audible (pictured)
Sweat Heart

Plus, FREE BEER with the purchase of every Bottomless Beer Cup ($10).