Thursday, June 3, 2010

Concrete et cetera

So there's this guy Marshall. Marshall is a friend of mine. He lives in this place called VWVOFFKA, which is also a DIY gallery on Frankford Ave. They are doing this neat show for the month of june all about Concrete Poetry. Instead of trying to explain what that is I will paste Marshall's own words (straight from the facebook invite) as I often do when I post about events on here.

Here at VWVOFFKA, June is the month of concrete ideas, visual word balance, and asymmetric semantics. This month's exhibit pays tribute to the Concrete Poetry movement that took the English language by storm, forcing words off the pages and spewing them into the focal point of physical reality. But that was born over half a century ago. Now along with the advent of new technologies, the pen is in a different hand, bringing new light to the fluidity of language. Concrete, et cetera will include works by Masha Badinter, Claire Buchanan, Sofie Hodara, Marshall James Kavanaugh, Ingrid Pimsner, Steve Streisguth, and Jenna Wilchinsky.

Also special live performances by:
Ghosts of Pasha
Dark Surfers & the yawns
+1 more tba

Refreshments will be provided. Opening is on Saturday, June 5th, 2010 and starts at 6pm. Join us!

Our gallery hours are as follows, in case you miss the grand opening reception:
Wednesday 11am-2pm
Saturday 12pm-5pm
Sunday 12pm-5pm
The gallery is at 2037 Frankford Ave right next to Perpetua. Copies of the 4000 Flavors Poetry issue will be on hand.

You may have noticed this is my first post since Feburary, which is indeed a shame. I wish I could say that I had a good reason for that, but looking back on the time since that last post, I'm not quite sure where it all went. Maybe part of the reason is that there is sometimes an overwhelming amount of things happening to post about. To be honest not a whole lot has happened in 2010 that I have been psyched about. But for those of you who are reading, please bear with me, I will surely have some things to tell you about very soon.