Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dead Gaze

I am loving the shit out of this band from Jackson right now, and this video, "Back and Forth"

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gary War @ Tritone

Shdwply Records' master of lo-fi psych Gary War is coming to Philadelphia next month and I am super excited to have gotten the chance to do a show for him. It will be at Tritone Sunday December 13th at 9pm. This dude has put out some amazing stuff and worked with killer artists like Ariel Pink & more. From Shdwply's site:

"...When an act comes along such as Gary War that seems to conjure the ever-changing zeitgeist of psychedelia out of the ether, it's remarkable...His tonal insobriety, from one song to the next is a true sign of the times, where artists are driven to explore different avenues, melding genres, vocal styles and instrumentation to arrive somewhere new.." -Victim Of Time on "New Raytheonport"

"Gary War is taking sonic wizardry to levels as yet uncharted by man. While we sleep he is fashioning lyric webs like a yellow brick path thru the rawest of the honest..." -La Maladie Tropicale

"The best modern psych sounds bar none" -Volcanic Tongue on "Zontag" 7"

Operating out of New York City, current Gary War releases include "New Raytheonport" LP (SHDWPLY), "Zontag" 7" (Sacred Bones), "Anhedonic Man" one-sided 7" (Hell Yes!), "Opens-Live at WFMU" Cassette (Captured Tracks), "Horribles Parade" LP (Sacred Bones) and "Galactic Citizens" 12" ep (Captured Tracks).

Don't miss it! Info on 4000 Flavors Volume 6 coming soon!