Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Zines in the Gallery

The wonderful folks at Padlock Gallery are hosting this zine exchange of sorts on Saturday March 21st.
There are sure to be some amazing books on display including the first two volumes of FTF. Plus super rad noise bands.

(bring yr zines for sale / trade / display) - Noise in the basement - Whiskey in the Kitchen

Fuck Sunshine (Jewish Noise empire - from sunny SoCal.)
Dandelion Fiction (Birthday blow out)
Mincemeat Or Tenspeed (Still goth? - new double disc 'ManifestWizard' so out)
Cars Will Burn (first show in 6 months! - all cover songs - TI - GWEN - THEDREAM - GHOSTFACE - more bs)

EARLY - 8PM Saturday March 21
Padlock Gallery - 1409 Ellsworth - South Philly

****Four Thousand Flavors Volume 3 Release at Padlock on Friday April 24th...Need Submissions!****

The Volume 3 release date has been set for April 24th at Padlock Gallery. Bands TBA. For this issue the cover will be printed by Padlock resident Mark Price, a Philly artist who I am a big fan of. He is also a member of the Space 1026 collective.

I've only gotten a few story submissions since Volume two, and I definitely could use some more. ANYONE who has something they've written or are thinking about writing, please get it in to me at by the week of April 12th if you want to be in this volume that is going to have some 100% legit artwork on the cover. A volume 4 party is about to be announced as well, so I am pretty much accepting sumbissions at any time. Don't be scurred!!